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My name is Alex Ogando (She/Her) and I am a theatre-maker, facilitator and HCPC registered Dramatherapist working in the South West of England. I predominantly work across South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset with statutory health and social care sectors, charitable, and arts organisations. As a therapist I work with Adults, Adolescents, and Children. 

After attaining my undergraduate degree in Theatre Studies at Bath Spa University in 2013, I spent a decade working professionally in the arts industry at a large regional theatre as a theatre-maker, director, facilitator, and producer. In that time I developed a specialist focus in utilising the inherent therapeutic skills and qualities found in creativity, theatre-making, and storytelling, as a means of activism; to aid in community development; to mentor staff in helping professions, and to help countless participants tell their untold stories. I worked with many children, young people, and adults alike, in a variety of settings. 

As my work within the mental health sector expanded I decided to pursue a Masters degree in Dramatherapy in 2020 to deepen both the efficacy and ethical consideration within my work. My Dramatherapy training provided me the opportunity to develop invaluable tools as a psychotherapist which I now combine with my artistic practice to offer an alternative therapeutic experience. As a Dramatherapist, I am able to draw on my skills as an artist and a psychotherapist to help individuals and groups maximise self-awareness, personal growth, and development, in ways that they find most helpful and impactful. 

I believe that everyone deserves a safe space to be heard, seen, and valued and appreciate that this needs to look different for each person and/or group I support.


Whilst I work as a freelance therapist and artist under my own name, you may also notice that I work under the title 'Think Theatre' too.  I developed Think Theatre during the pandemic as an in-person and online place to explore how creativity can be used not only as an artistic vehicle that has a final outcome, but equally as an intentional method to help people gain strength, wisdom, and insight. Whilst I am in the process of setting Think Theatre up as an official organisation, I can share that it has mainly been funded previously through the Arts Council England and private donations. I hope in time that Think Theatre can grow with me and offer people a friendly community of like-minded individuals who have also been called to live more connected, creative, and playful lives. Through Think Theatre I want this to be possible for everyone which is why activities are often donations-based or free of charge. 

I offer a range of activities both virtual and in-person: Dramatherapy, Theatre-skills workshops, performance projects and professional consultation services. Please get in touch through the contact box below so that we can discuss how I can help you, your community, or your business.


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