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It’s 2014


Miley Cyrus is the leader of a ‘YOLO’ induced generation obsessed with sex, selfies and shots.


Blurred Lines is playing on everyone’s radio, twerking is the latest dance craze and slut-shaming is the new past-time. Britain is full of young adults about to embark on the wildest week of their life, armed with UV body paint, a set of drinking rules and the cheapest booze they can find.


The Freshers are up for the challenge.


Amy has just turned 18 and is ready to taste freedom for the first time. Having just been dropped off in a new city ready to start University she is eager to ditch her parents, meet new friends and make memories that will last her a lifetime.


What she doesn’t expect is to make unforgettable mistakes that will stay with her forever…


#BodyProblems is a one-woman comedy that was born during the Feminist boom that occured during 2014. Campaigns like the Everday Sexism Project and #FreshersWeekSexism  trending on twitter began to draw people's attention to the issues young women were facing unlike ever before, and naturally the feminist within me thought now was a better time than ever to voice some experiences and opinions I had been harbouring for a long time.


Although #BodyProblems is a feminist piece, it is also very much focused on youth culture, it is a commentary on what we are becoming and how the world is evolving both socially and technologically. The show uses an array of multi-media techniques that allows the audience to follow Amy on her journey and witness her experiences through the same eyes and the style of the piece very much straddles the stand-up comedy and theatre world providing the audience a real laugh out loud experience throughout, whilst still highlighting problems that will stay with you for days.


#BodyProblems is a unique, visually compelling and sadly entertaining and will either confirm , or challenge your view on modern day youth culture.


For 2015 performance dates please click here.

Catch it while you can!

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