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About Me 

The Full Story

What I do can often feel quite hard to sum up in any one, two...or even three (!) job titles


I think this is because I wear many professional hats: theatre-maker, facilitator, writer, performer, Dramatherapist, mental health practitioner. Often I wear a mixture of these hats depending on what a project requires of me

(some might argue that all the hats are on all of the time regardless; I'd also be inclined to agree with this)

I work in partnership with both arts and non-arts organisations, alongside producing my own funded projects, performances, and arts-based research under my company name 'Think Theatre'


So, what I think is most important for you to get a sense of are what values unite my work and what my personal mission statement is an artist; from there my title and artistic duties vary and respond accordingly

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My Mission Statement

My mission is to lead on the design and delivery of high-quality, ethically considered artistic interventions, that seek to intentionally use drama and theatre for community healing; individual health and happiness.  

I also intend to use my unique combined experience as a mental health professional and artist with a decade's experience in the industry, to prompt crucial discussions regarding what ethical practice looks, sounds, and feels like in both artistic and community spaces.


My vision is to encourage regional arts organisations and independent companies to take participant and artist experiences more seriously, especially in our post-pandemic world.


The arts and mental health are almost inseparable, and I want to see an industry that is more self-reflective, reflexive, and considerate, as we continue to work closely with vulnerability in our processes, productions, and outreach.

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