About Alex

I am a South West based theatre-maker and training Dramatherapist, with an extensive background in socially engaged practice and community theatre. I work independently as a theatre-maker creating my own one-woman shows; I also co-create theatre professionally with people of all ages, from all walks of life, and more often than not with groups/individuals who do not ordinarily engage in arts activities.




I believe strongly that everyone has the right to access high quality creative provisions and am motivated to break down barriers that prevent people from enjoying creative experiences. 

Through arts we learn how to better communicate and express ourselves. We explore how to unpick the personal, social, and political narratives that surround us, and often overpower us. Art empowers us to be pro-active, to discuss important issues, and ask important questions which can lead to meaningful change.


I enjoy making theatre with groups who have something to say, want to challenge the status quo, and need that crucial platform to have their voice amplified. 


My practice is very participant centred, using theatre-making and performance focused techniques to aid individual self-development whilst nurturing authentic, trusted group dynamics where participants can take creative risks, make exciting work, fail safely, and learn again.

Photography by Fiona Walsh

'Boots At The Door' rehearsals at Theatre Royal Plymouth 

Photography by Gemma Smith

ACE Council funded project 'Fast and Funny' during workshops


Photography by Fiona Walsh

Our Space workshops at Theatre Royal Plymouth 

I think a high quality product as part of a project is extremely important, but of equal importance is a high quality, responsive process, that allows participants ownership of the experience. For me this is where the real transformational magic happens. 

Engaging in arts is therapeutic in nature, which is why I have decided to evolve my work into the realms of Dramatherapy. I want to continue to offer authentic creative opportunities, in safe, well-considered, and professional spaces.