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@ Theatre Royal Plymouth, The Drum, April 2019

with the Young Company aged between 14-17 (Cast: 17, SM Team: 6)

You are making your way down a long, dimly lit corridor. You are alone. Suddenly you feel it. Fear. Your heart races, your fingertips tingle, and your hair stands on end... you're being watched. What gives you the chills? Is it spiders, clowns, or that inexplicable dark shadow in the corner of your room? CREEP explores fear, what it feels like, and why we enjoy it so much...

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The Process

Creep was an original concept I came up with in Summer 2018. The process involved developing the ideas with the cast; writing the script with the young people's voices at the heart of the words; devising physical and digital moments with the cast and creative team; directing the overall running of the production.

I worked closely with a small stage management team made up of young people who were responsible for the smooth running on production nights. A group of young designers also contributed to the vision for the set, and the designing/making of important costume elements and props. 



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"Writer and Director Alexandra Ogando has created a play that is a compelling vehicle for the 17 strong cast to explore. There is a Grand-Guignol air of the dramatically macabre delivered by performers bringing an additional spirited soufflé of black comedy"

- The Herald, Roger Malone (Full review here)

" was so refreshing to have this pseudo-documentary on the elements that scare us in The Theatre Royal Plymouth Young Company’s colourful and tongue-in-cheek show, ‘Creep’

‘Creep’ is a wonderful example of how much fun can be had and how young people can acquire skills which will be of great use to them throughout their lives.

The performers appeared to have great fun – it transmitted to the packed audience."

- Cormac Richards, Reviews Gate (Full Review Here) 

Creep 4.jpg

The Drum prior to get-in

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