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Written and Directed by Alexandra Ogando 

for Theatre Royal Plymouth's Young Company

February 2018, ages 14-17 (Cast: 4) 

t's 2018. Life before selfies, hashtags, and memes seems like a distant memory, and we now live in a world where a stream of information, opinions, and images are always on tap. Our phones are never switched off, we are always online, and social media is at the centre of our relationships, careers, and sense of self. Weaving pop culture, music, and media throughout, this nostalgic trip down memory lane asks us why are followers so important, and what are we following for? 

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Followers is a short play (approx. 30 mins) that was co-created with 4 young people aged between 14 and 17. 

The concept was developed with the cast, I wrote the play with the young people's voices at the heart of the words, and both physical and digital moments were devised with the cast. The play is a multimedia production where interaction with projection and sound play an important part of the storytelling. Followers is designed for a black box space, costume and prop changeovers are encouraged to be visible and there is plenty of space for a young cast to respond to, and interact with, audience reactions throughout.

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