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The way she runs the session is so much fun and you don't feel tired or bored. I learned from her how to be calm, positive and patient. Just I want to say a thank you to Fast and Funny to let me be in part of it and special thanks to Alex to show me how to be positive and hopeful towards my aims and goals.

I was very impressed with Alex's attention to detail - she ensured that her approach to facilitating sessions with a complex group of individuals was managed in an approrpiate and sensitive way, particularly as the discussions touched on personal stories from vulnerable people [...] Most importantly the final work delivered for the project was of high quality and will be used as part of The Box's schools programme, as well as being adopted my Thrive Plymouth (the city's public heath team) for use in PSHE lessons in Plymouth. 

Adam M - The Box Plymouth 

Participant - Fast and Funny

What a treat!! Had sooo much fun and looking forward to the next one :) Thank you, Alex!

Online Participant - Citysocializer

Excellent. The first session was a set of game-type exercises, but I still felt I was trying to learn new skills and it got challenging towards the end. It was hosted with good cheer - friendly and light-hearted.

Online Participant - Citysocializer

Great to switch out of my daily ‘autopilot’ mode, and challenge myself to something new and refreshing. A new type of fun! Thanks Alex 😊

Online Participant - Citysocializer


Alex has mentored myself to give me skills and ability to engage vulnerable adults within substance misuse in a creative way. Whilst working with Alex the adults improved their confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. Alex was able to get the most resistant person to join in and enjoy themselves. I found Alex to be welcoming, supportive, passionate and understanding. Alex strives to achieve and works exceptionally hard to gain support adults in order to have self-belief and achieve.

Vikki O - Hamoaze House

It was a completely new experience for me and allowed me to explore a more creative side to my character that hadn't emerged until then. I mixed with people from a wide age group and very different backgrounds.  Above it all it was good fun and a good discipline.  Alex was a very focused course leader with a lot of ideas and creativity.  She and her team created a comfortable space for us to explore comedy performance, whether we were complete beginners or experienced performers.

Participant - Fast and Funny

Alex has proven her worth on many projects working with vulnerable and hard to reach adults. Notable projects include 'Boots At The Door'  [...] The project was not only challenging in terms of its scale, but also in terms of the complexity of health and emotional needs which the company comprised and which Alex steadily held throughout the process. 

Faith C - Former Producer at Theatre Royal Plymouth 

Although I was nervous at first, Alex and her team made me feel very welcome and relaxed, offering friendly encouragement to take part in the fun and engaging group exercises. It was a great way to unwind once a week and learn about the theory behind the varying methods of how comedy and theatre is produced. 


It was clear when speaking to everyone in the group that we all agreed how it made a huge difference to all of our lives. Although we were not professional actors, the ongoing education and encouragement from Alex meant that we worked very hard together, producing two very well received performances that we will all remember with a great sense of pride and fondness for the rest of our lives.

I loved Fast and Funny. The fact is that it has helped me and I'm sure every one of us (participants) to build my confidence, be creative, find a new friend, having fun and performing at the different stages like The Athenaeum and Barbican Theatre which I'm proud of. Being in Fast & Funny gave me a different experience of working with people of the community.  She made sessions so easy and funny for everyone to participate and enjoy and encouraged us with positive feedback.


Participant - Fast and Funny

Alex did a brilliant job working with the people we support. She used all sorts of fun and games to build their confidence and brought so much humour and joy to the process. Her concept for the final piece was spot on, everyone loved inventing and performing superhero’s and the audience really enjoyed the result!

Poppy V - Milestones Trust

Participant - Fast and Funny

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