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I have a lot of experience working with young people, and helping young people work through difficult periods of time where they may be struggling with their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Therapy can help young people cope with: 

  • Anxiety, low-mood, and depression

  • Overthinking and rumination

  • School and exam stress 

  • Poor body image and self-esteem 

  • Peer relationship issues and bullying experiences

  • Grief and bereavement 

  • Distress around chronic illness and skin conditions

  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings 

Therapy can help young people develop: 

  • Confidence, self-esteem, and independence

  • Self-awareness and insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours 

  • A stronger sense of identity and self, including exploratory work around neurodivergence, disability, gender, and sexuality. 

  • Coping alternatives to self-harm 

  • Self-acceptance and compassion

  • Helpful routine and structure 

Creative arts psychotherapies, like Dramatherapy, can be really beneficial routes into therapy for young people. This is because creative arts therapies don't rely on a young person being able to verbally express their thoughts and feelings, alone. 

Instead, young people can explore their inner world through picture cards, stories, objects, music, and play. This type of work helps young people develop, and is always tailored to the young person attending; their age, preferred communication methods, and preferences in the therapy room.

Ultimately, the one thing that is known to make therapy it's most effective, is a good relationship between client and therapist. This can make a huge difference to the therapeutic outcomes, and young person's experience during sessions. So, when helping a young person pick a therapist, prompt them to think about if they feel comfortable with someone, understood, and respected. Therapy can be difficult, but it can also be fun and inspire clients, be sure to remind your young person of this and find a therapist who your young person feels able to connect with!

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